In Mexico, more than 5 million women suffer from osteoporosis.  Three out of every ten women and one out of every seven men over age 50 could be victims of this ailment.

Osteoporosis manifests itself through fractured hops, wrists and spinal cords, is more common in women after reaching menopause and is a result of a decrease in estrogen in the body.

Estrogen favors the absorption of calcium, and when its levels decrease, calcium is not absorbed in an adequate manner and the body begins to use its own reserves, the bones become porous and weak and tend to break easily.

To increase calcium reserves it is important to consume a balanced diet from youth and exercise outdoors, as the sun stimulates production of vitamin D in the body and this helps absorb calcium.
Studies from the University of Texas report that women that work indoors, below artificial light are at greater risk of suffering osteoporosis than those that have a window through which the sun can enter.

Exercise is also vital to mobilize calcium reserves and maintain healthy bones.  Consume milk, cheese, yogurt, corn tortillas, sardines, almonds and walnuts.  Avoid coffee, black tea and sodas; the carbonation in sodas has phosphoric acid which prevents the adequate absorption of calcium in the body.

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