The benefits of consuming yogurt

Yogurt is a food that helps restore health.  In fact, it is known that yogurt is consumed in areas where people live longer.

This product contains microorganisms known as probiotics, which help stimulate the proper functioning of the intestine.  When we are sick and take antibiotics, we destroy a good part of the flora intestine that we have along the digestive tract.  Consuming yogurt alter antibiotics treatment can restore flora intestine, increasing our natural defenses to fight intestinal infections. 

When we ingest, through yogurt, these live microorganisms, it regulates the metabolic activities and organism defenses, and exerts a specific biological activity in the digestive tract, preventing and controlling an endless number of illnesses.

Additionally, yogurt provides calcium, protein and indispensable vitamins to strengthen our bones and teeth.  One of the most important benefits of periodic ingestion is its preventive effect in the development of colon cancer.  And although studies are very recent, specialists have confirmed that yogurt possesses properties that impede the development of this type of tumor.

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