The ten foods that prevent you from losing weight

An excess of sugars and carbohydrates ends of being stored in our bodies as fat.

During the last years, the concept of a diet has varied.  18 years ago we were taught to fear fats, and that is what led us to buy low-fat foods.  However, many of those are filled with carbohydrates like starch or sugar to give flavor and consistency to the food without fat, and those carbohydrates end up being stored in our bodies as fat.

1 – Sugar-free cookies or candies:
These foods are part of the myth of free sugar, and we trust that these are good for diabetics.  However, these products have other sources of carbohydrates that can also sabotage our attempts to lose weight.

2 – Lactose free and non-fat milk
Lactose free milk is very good for the people who cannot digest the sugars from milk, but it has other sources of carbohydrates that ultimately lead to elevating our blood glucose levels.

3 – Wheat bread and crackers:
Although it would seem that whatever type of wheat cracker or bread would help us becoming thin because of its fiber content.  However, they are often made with refined flours they have very low amounts of fiber (0 – 0.5 grams).  So, the carbohydrates reach our blood stream at practically the same speed as white bread.

4 – Granola bars and boxed cereals:
These products have a high amount of carbohydrates, and accompanied with a glass of milk and fruit surpass the amount of sugars our body needs.  Cereals have sugar in the form of starch, milk has a sugar known as lactose and fruit has a sugar known as fructose.
Remember that to reach our ideal weight it is important to keep in mind the quantity of carbohydrates that reach our body, and that an excess of carbohydrates will be stored in our body as fat.

5 – Juices and fruit drinks:
In each 8 oz of most juices and fruit drinks there is only 5% natural juice, and the rest is a mix of artificial flavors, that sometimes have up to 150 calories and a very large amount of carbohydrates.

6 – Trail mixes, nuts and dried fruits:
Generally this type of mix makes of think of health and well-being.  However, each 3 teaspoons have 130 calories, so if you consume the recommended portion you are consuming up to 800 calories.

7 – Low-fat potato chips:
Potatoes have a large amount of starch, which reaches our blood quickly, elevating our blood glucose level.  When this happens, insulin is produced and the result is storing excess starches in our body as fat.

8 – Diet sodas and black tea:
Consuming caffeine stimulates the production of insulin, a hormone that stores sugars and carbohydrates in our blood in the form of fat.
9 – Money and fruit marmalades:
All marmalades are made with a base of fruit and some amount of sugar or carbohydrates.  In regular marmalades they mix in corn syrup.  The ideal is to read the labels and choose marmalades that have the lowest amount of carbohydrates possible.

10 – Carrot, beets, corn and string beans:
Some people think that since these are all vegetables you can consume an unlimited quantity.  However, these vegetables have a high amount of sugars and carbohydrates and as a result, you should limit your consumption of these vegetables.

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