Osteoporosis, which literally means “porous bones,” is a bone illness which results in a reduction of bone mass and mechanical resistance, making the bones more susceptible to fracture. 

It does not have a well-defined beginning, it’s silent, and until recently, the first visible signs of the disease were fractured hips, wrists or vertebra.  Now there are diagnostic tests such as measuring bone density, which can detect early warning signs. 

The main risk factors for osteoporosis are:
- Age: with age our bones become less dense, weaker and are more likely to break.
- Sex: the incidence of osteoporosis is greater in women than in men.  Women have less bone tissue and lose bone mass more quickly than men, as a result of changes they experience during menopause.
- Bone and body structure:  women with small, thin bones have a greater risk of osteoporosis
- Decreasing hormone levels

Osteoporosis and Nutrition

Signs and symptoms of osteoporosis don’t usually appear until later of life. In America, osteoporosis affects seniors over age 70. Osteoporosis progresses slowly and silently and as our bones become more porous and fragile; we often won’t realize we have osteoporosis until we fracture a bone. Nutrition plays an important role of keeping our bones strong and healthy and slowing the natural loss.

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• Being a women
• Having white skin
• Having a small bone structure, low weight and fragile constitution
• Being in menopause
• Consuming a diet low in calcium
• Lack of physical exercise
• Living under artificial light
• Relatives with osteoporosis
• Smoking cigarettes
• Consuming excessive alcohol
• Consuming sodas
• Consuming excessive caffeine
• Taking certain medicines, such as cortisone and anti-epileptics
• Suffering certain illnesses, such as arthritis and hypothyroidism

Although you may have various of these factors, you can prevent osteoporosis if you begin to café for yourself now.  The ideal is to consume, from youth, a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D.

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